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Neon Brown is a music producer residing in the Mile High city. Neon Brown makes music that will make your butt cheeks jiggle and sweat. Neon Brown makes music that excretes salty tears from your bulbous eyeballs. Neon Brown makes music that makes your spongy brain muscle work in fortuitous ways. Neon Brown makes music that arouses your animal femininity, and or primal arousal traits.

Mister Freedom is a collaborative effort with FL. Mister Freedom is a moniker of Neon Brown. He will have more MF albums in the near future, collaborating with various artists.

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Mister Freedom
Denver, Colorado
Mister Freedom music video premier for Kevin Ware is now available. you can watch it here:

Neon Brown is a music producer residing in the lovely Mile High City, Denver Colorado.

Brown has produced for such artists as; Truck North of The Legendary roots Crew, Homeboy Sandman, Donwill of Tanya Morgan, Zion I, FL, and Vast Aire.

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